Scott James is an exceptional entertainer with an amazing voice. Scott performed for us at the Autism Heroes Awards in Wales and blew us all away. His performance was stunning. Scott is a true professional, flexible and easy to work with. It was a complete pleasure to watch him entertain our guests and it’s a privilege to know such a wonderful, kind and genuine person.

Jo Kirton-Salmon

Holly's Ball

Scott James has been a huge support to Grace’s Space for many years. We are a charitable organisation supporting children diagnosed with ASD and their families. Scott kindly donated one of his songs so that it could be included in our charity album in order to raise funds. We are self funded so rely heavily on public donations. This wonderful sacrifice helped us significantly. Scott has attended our annual charity balls and performed beautiful covers of songs to match our theme or to convey a message of hope to the audience. Scott has an ability to captivate an audience through song and he tells a story through the music which touched many lives. He is a professional individual who loves what he does and is happy to share that love to inspire others. Many children in our organisation consider Scott as a great role model.

We are truly grateful for his time and commitment to help us support many families. He is now part of our Grace’s Space family. Thank you Scott!

Jessica Kuffour

Grace's Space

Scott is a truly inspirational man! Scott very kindly agreed to perform at our very first Christmas Ball and he was amazing! Scott went above and beyond for us even learning a brand new song, nothing was a chore. There wasn’t a dry eye when he performed You Raise Me Up – stunning! Such an inspiration for our families to see a man with his own challenges achieve so much, an absolute credit to the autism community.

Lesley Cole

Autism Northumberland

Scott James you are a real gentleman and truly lovely person. You put everything into your work and you are very professional.

When my 9 year old autistic daughter Jasmine was asked what she thought would make her big sister Sophie’s wedding extra special her answer straight away was “Scott James to sing a song please” so with baited breath I asked if you were free that day… We are 160 miles away so I wasn’t sure but after a few messages between us you did indeed jump to the challenge and you sang at her big sister’s wedding in 2013. I had one very very happy starstruck child and you kept in touch every step of the way. The wedding was amazing and so were you Scott.

Although known mainly for your tireless work in getting Autism awareness out there and your charity songs you also give your time to many other things. Scott you deserve to feel ‘big headed’ and your family are rightly so proud of you, you deserve recognition for all you do. It is a pleasure following you (through Facebook, not stalking!) and a massive pleasure knowing you. Keep up the good work.

Elaine Campbell

I was very excited when Scott graciously agreed to sing at the Spectrum Awards in 2014. Scott sang beautifully and was an inspiration to all of us who were there. He is a genuinely caring person who is committed to inspiring others to follow their dreams. He was charming and professional throughout, with a keen sense of humour and was able to fit in with the evening, showing flexibility and a full understanding of what we wanted to achieve. Working with Scott was a delight!

Wendy Peel

Spectrum Support Group

Scott James came to our attention through his fame achieved from his X-Factor audition. His story was so inspiring, and I felt that he was a wonderful example of how an individual can triumph over the adversity that autism sometimes brings with. Scott attended our first large-scale AGM, and he entertained over 100 people with his beautiful singing voice. Not only were we entertained, but he actually showed an interest in his audience, and happily spoke with people about his life and experiences. So impressed were we that he was asked to become a Patron of our charity there and then!

Scott attended our AGM for the second time this year, and did the same beautiful singing with even more people enraptured than before. Scott is a genuine good guy, with a heart of gold and a talent to match. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Elaine Nicholson MBE

CEO/Counsellor, Action for Asperger's

Scott was the inspiration behind my starting the charity, Autism Wishes. His strength and dedication to what he does is second to none. I was delighted when Scott accepted to be Patron of the Charity. He attended very many of the events, includng annual balls, a wish giving and christmas party. His talent is off the scale. His approach is professional yet friendly and anyone who comes into contact with Scott will see why people all over sing his praises. I am very proud and privileged to know him.

Jo Perera

Founder, Autism Wishes

We always look forward to Scott James performing at our Charity events.

Scott first performed at our very first Autism’s Got Talent in 2012. Since his performance in Central London he has supported various charity events such as Wear it for Autism and Autism’s Got Talent Roadshow. Scott has a beautiful voice and is talented. He has always been a pleasure to work with and is supportive behind the scenes to other performers who may be a little anxious before performing.

Scott has recently supported and helped highlight our anti-bullying campaign Give Us A Break!

Anna Kennedy OBE

Anna Kennedy Online

Scott has been an inspiration to everyone in our ASD Hub. He has performed for us during Autism Awareness month and spoken to our parents and given them hope and positivity for the future. We know he is always there for us and we value his time and continued support.

Anne Cowan

Rosebrook Primary School